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The zero to one guide for safe, successful crypto investing.

Leverage the 30 lessons and become a Pro in this fast-paced course to confidently invest in the crypto space. No prior knowledge needed. 

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What is it?

The playbook to beginning your investing journey in crypto, teaching you how to safely and confidently buy, sell, send, store and much more.

These are the principles that built the Nextblock founders careers from an humble beginnings to managing a multi-million dollar crypto fund with over 200 investors.

These are the principles behind the crypto consulting services we provide to accredited and sophisticated investors. 

This 30 lesson workshop starts by teaching you the fundamental concepts, and ends in giving you the tools to execute.

Who is it for?

Suitable to take you from zero to one in crypto investing. If you are a beginner to the crypto space, this is the product for you. 

The Structure:
+ First principals of economic & crypto theory.
+ Detailed explanations of all the most important crypto lingo and concepts.
+ How to safely buy, sell and store your digital assets.
+ How to protect your privacy and investments.
+ How to structure your portfolio and manage risk.

What it'll teach you:

+ You want to understand the problems that crypto solves & how it solves them.
+ You want to understand the upside of crypto versus other assets.
+ You want to understand the risks associated with crypto investing.
+ You need simple explanations of complex & technical topics.
+ You need a system to securely & confidently acquire a crypto asset portfolio.
+ You don't have the time or interest to do in-depth research on your own.


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